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GCSE Computing courses


The GCSE Computing sections see regular updates

Introduction to this section - for students

Hi - and welcome to our resources for GCSE Computing.

You can navigate your way around the sections of the course using the deep red menu bar.  You'll find all sorts of stuff in each section - and they'll all be growing for a while yet, so it's worth popping back every couple of weeks to to a section you think you've completed, just to check if any of the new stuff makes things clearer.  Each section has its own introduction, telling you which topics and concepts you'll be covering.

Introduction to this section (mostly stuff for parents!)

There are four examing boards used by schools in England and Wales offering GCSE Computing.  Your daughter/son should know which board s/he is studying under.

The boards are:

The good news for you, as a parent, is that the content of all four boards' GCSE syllabii is much the same - i.e. they all need the student to know the same things.  They have different ways of assesing the student at the end of the course (See below for brief details).

Their assessment styles are: What this means to us:
Clearly, home study will be easier for those boards where the assessment is purely exam-based.  For students taking the WJEC exams, where a practical project is also involved, parents will need to liaise with the school about how this can be accommodated.   for the three English boards (AQA, OCR, and Pearson Edexcel) it should be quite possible for a student to complete the course through home study.  There are a lot of good resources available online, in addition to those we are providing.  We will also provide some study guides for each syllabus (under construction!).

You will see this page has a second menu (in deep red) - these links take you to materials and resources for different parts of the syllabus content, and to a page of handy links to the four exam boards, where you can read and download their complete syllabus, a few specimen exam papers, and other useful materials.  A couple of the boards provide a useful "Specification at a glance".

Head on over to the Specifications link on the menu - that page tells you where to find the GCSE Computing specifications for the four main examinig boards in England and Wales.


Elsewhere on the Web

Our other sites page has a growing list of friends' learning sites, useful Facebook groups, and sites recommended by us or our friends

For example, our friends at GCSE Revision Monkey have some excellent resources for Sciences.

We're all in this together.