: GCSE Computer Science

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This is where we look at all things cyber.

We're talking Internet and World Wide Web [they're not "the same thing"!]


Encryption Stuff

There's some useable introductory stuff here: GCSE Computer Science Encryption types

The ICT Teacher Lounge has a few bits: IGCSE ICT - Encrypting Data

Caesar Cypher

This one has some (fairly simple but rather cool) Python code attached: Caesar Cipher - GCSE Computer Science - Compucademy

Symmetric and asymmetric encryption

Some good reading here: Symmetric & Asymmetric Encryption | Definition, Differences

Historical stuff

There's a good piece about Alan Turing (probably the greatest genius behind Colossus) here: The Enigma of Alan Turing - CIA

There's some good stuff about the role of Bletchley Park during WW2, and especially the women involved, here: The Women Who Decoded German Enigma At Bletchley Park


Stay tuned and keep coming back - there will be more in this section soon.

We're all in this together.