: GCSE Computer Science
Computer Systems

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Lessons and materials are continuing to arrive

This is where you will find materials and links for the Computer Systems part of the course.  don't forget to check out our Generally Useful Stuff towards the bottom of the page.  You'll find some of that really handy both for reference as you learn, and as revision notes closer to the exams.

Topic 1: The History of Computing

This PowerPoint presentation should give you good introduction to the history of electronic computing, and get you doing a bit of your own research (we like you to do some of it for yourself!)

Topic 2: Systems Architecture Overview

OK, so you've had a little look at the history.  Now we're going to look at the building blocks of computers systems.  These are the foundation stones on which almost all modern computer systems are built.  Understand this stuff, and you have a much better idea HOW the thing works - this helps you to understand what you're talking to, when you get to programming the thing!

Topic 3: Von Neumann Architecture

Here we hit the biggie, the development in the late 1940s which paved the way for modern computing.  Von Neumann Architecture.  This is a biggie, take it slowly, and you may want to watch this one twice to let it sink in.  Make sure you "get" this stuff, or the next few topics won't make a lot of sense!

Topic 4: Going Beyond Von Neumann; the fundamentals of the modern processor

Hope you got the idea of the Von Neumann machine; this session takes the idea a step further, and looks at how the VonNeumann idea developed into the modern CPU.  Another session it's well worth taking your time to understand, getting these fundamentals really helps later.

Topic 5: CPU Structure

This one's coming soon!

Topic 6: The Fetch-Execute Cycle

Nothing to do with pizza deliveries on a bike!  This taster may not make much sense yet, but don't let it scare you!

Topic 7: (to be announced)

Topic 8: CPU Performance Factors

All you need to know about CPU performance factors (well, at GCSE anyway!) right here on a single-page handout.  Enjoy!

Topic 9: Embedded Systems

Generally Useful Stuff

Here you'll find a handful of handouts that might just be useful in your studies.  The titles should give you a good idea of what each document is!


Stay tuned and keep coming back - there will be more in this section soon

We're all in this together.