: GCSE Computer Science
Number Concepts

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Tackling number systems, bit by bit ...

Here's where you will find your introduction to binary and hexadecimal number systems and theory, and how to work with them...  Something you need to really get your teeth into.

Some topics may take a whole session, others you may find go quicker - for example, by the time you get to Topic 4, you'll probably find Topic 5 fits quite nicely into the same learning session.  Always remember, the beauty of home education is that you can take your time over the more complicated stuff, but also move ahead faster if you're finding a section easy.  Different students will find different parts of this course easier or more difficult.

Topic 1: A Little Bit of Binary

A little bit of binary introduces you to the binary nuber system, tells you why we need it, and demonstrates how to convert between decomal and binary.  It introduces some new concepts; take it slowly, make sure you understand it.  This stuff matters!

Topic 2: A Bit more Binary

OK - your turn to do some work!  Here are some worksheets for you to print and try.  Remember you're allowed to re-open the presentation from last time, to remind you.

Topic 3: Having a Nibble

Keeping up your appetite for binary, we introduce ... the nibble!  A presentation, and worksheet with worked examples.  Have fun.

Topic 4: Taking a Whole Byte

The byte: a VERY important concept, but should be easy to understand, if you've worked through this section so far.

Topic 5: Byte-sized Maths

You know you're really getting a taste for this stuff now!  Here's a little bit of byte-sized maths to get your teeth into.  Enjoy!

Topic 6: For Hex Sake

Just when you thought it was safe to breathe with a new number system ...  We present you our introduction to hexadecimal.

Topic 7: What the Hex Next

OK - this author's sense of humour remains painful ...

Final topics (on Hex) to follow shortly.


Stay tuned and keep coming back - we'll publish the last bits of this section soon

We're all in this together.