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The department for Education recommends the EYFS supporting material on the Foundation Years Web site:

Just for completeness, the Statutory Framework for EYFS can be found here:


Hungry Little Minds

Hungry Little Minds is a government initiative for children below compulsory school age.  It contains a wealth of learning and teaching ideas for parents with smaller children, and a load of links to other sites.  Well worth a visit, it seems like its Webmaster had the same idea that our Webmaster had when creating this page!


EYFS Science

Science Sparks

Some excellent ideas and resources for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 here: Science Sparks


EYFS Music

Primary School Music

When the ABRSM teams up with Classic FM and Decca Classics, you can be sure the results are something worth looking at (and listening to!).  Some great stuff here for EYFS, KS1 and KS2: Classical 100 Primary.


Sensory Learning

Rhyming Multisensory Stories

A wonderful site dedicated to storytelling through the senses, with some superb onward links as well.  Rhyming Musltisensory Stories.


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