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The National Curriculum for Key Stage 3

The Government Web site states:

Key stage 3

Compulsory national curriculum subjects are: Schools must provide religious education (RE) and sex education from key stage 3 but parents can ask for their children to be taken out of the whole lesson or part of it.


Workmix and timetabling

We get asked a lot about the mix of subjects for each Key Stage.  With experience in wiriting school timetables as well, we've put together a few things that might help:


The Naional Curriculum

These are links to documents on the Department of Education Web site, explaining what's required in Key Stage 3.  They provide a clear guide as to what you need to cover.  The Government Web site can be a nightmare to navigate; these links might just take that headache away.




Art and Design



Design & Technology



MFL : Modern Foreign Languages

Please Note: Unlike KS2 where the specification is merely Languages (which may include languages such as Latin or Ancient Greek), in Key Stage 3 the National Curriculum stipulates Modern Foreign Language - i.e. a language in use somewhere in the world today.





Please head to our Key Stage 3 Computing section.  You will find it at Key Stage 3 Computing.


Introduction to coding in Scratch (with Maths!)

 The team at UCL ScratchMaths have put together a superb combination of maths ideas and an introduction to coding.  Aimed at pupils in Years 5 and 6, it's a great intro for pupils who haven't explored coding in Scratch before.  Also very suitable for Y7 if they've never done this before.  Highly recommended!



Please head to our Key Stage 3 Music section.


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