: GCSE Music

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Welcome to GCSE Music!


This is not a complete, "GCSE in a Nutshell" kind of page, more a collection of resources which you might find useful, alongside the approved text book for whichever exam board's GCSE (or other Level 2 Music course) you are studying.  As with other pages on this site, this is still a young-ish site, and still growing.  Keep coming back; there will be more.

A few useful/helpful odds and ends:

Notation and Theory

Notation and theory sheets are arriving!   There will be more, covering time signatures, chords and elementary harmony.

Some more materials happening!  These will appear over the next few weeks - keep coming back!


Musique Concrète

 For some different approaches to making music using "found sounds" with your computer and a microphone, head over to our friends at composing with sounds for an introduction to the mysteries of musique concrète.  This stuff is a bit beyond the remit of the GCSE, but can be hugely creative and great fun.


Manuscript Paper

Need manuscript paper to jot down your music ideas?  Don't want to go to the shops during lockdown?  Can't wait to order it online when you're busting to write that tune?  No Problem!  Help is here!  You can download our manuscript paper, and a version with lines for text underneath, using the links below.  These are free to use; so print a few sheets, keep them handy for when the inspiration flows.


A "goodwill" site set-up by a Birmingham (Alabama) music teacher, this site offers an amazing range of resources for introductory Music Tech, practical music making, and more general music theory ...   You will need to study some of this stuff in greater depth for GCSE, but there's some great stuff to get started and fill-in a few gaps in your understanding.

Some really great stuff on that site.


Elsewhere on the Web

Our other sites page has a growing list of friends' learning sites, useful Facebook groups, and sites recommended by us or our friends

For example, our friends at GCSE Revision Monkey have some excellent resources for Sciences.

We're all in this together.