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Hi there, and welcome to our slightly clunky, funky site ... and yes, we're a little bit geeky - one of our main specialisms on these pages is Computing!  [That said, have a dig around: some of us are also musicians; we also have some very useful help on planning timetables, subject workmix, and getting to grips with barriers to learning - and a growing stack of links to sites run by known, reliable teacher friends in other subject areas.]

This site is frequently updated.  More goodies arriving regularly.  Keep coming back.

We aim to provide a range of resources and materials to help parents handle the task of home educating children and relieve some of the anxiety and uncertainty.

The authors are providing the material here on a help yourself, "take what you need and use it" basis.  So be our guest, wander round, grab anything you find useful, save it to your computer, print it if you like, use it.


The Internet and World Wide Web provide unrecedented access to information and learning materials; but there is also a darker, murkier side to the web.  At R4L we are acutely aware of this, so we have put some useful links in both the Useful Stuff and Other Sites pages of this site.


TWO months into 2021 already...

This site sees regular updates

Stay tuned! We are continuing to develop our selection of materials for Computing, ICT, Music.  ... and we won't be stopping there - the collection will continue to grow as our teachers either write new stuff, or continue to adapt their classroom materials for homeschool use.

We're on your side.


Elsewhere on the Web

We will also be setting-up a sister site, with additional materials, at a very low cost (we appreciate times may be tough for a lot of people; we're making lots of good stuff available FREE here, and the "paid-for" site will be asking very small amounts for the additional materials there).

Our other sites page has a growing list of friends' learning sites, and sites recommended by us or our friends

For example:

Our friends at GCSE Revision Monkey have some excellent resources for Sciences.


We're all in this together.